¿Que es grafologia? - Mitä grafologia on? - What is graphology?

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Päivitetty 30.8.2019

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My name is Leena Toivonen, and in these pages I will try to explain to you what graphology is all about and how it can be used.

I graduated in graphology; witch includes handwriting and document forgery and criminology.


I work as an outside investigator and consultant in the Spanish legal institutions (Perito Judicial),with the Interior Ministry registration number 584241.

Graphology is now one of the most practical techniques which are intended to identify man’s deepest nature and personality traits.

The services I provide are the following:

  • To better understand your inner-self and those around you.

The possibilities of graphology:

  • Personal growth

  • Exploring your characteristics regarding how you think, act and express yourself outwardly.

  • Understanding childhood trauma and solving them through graphology.

  • Helps parents and teachers understand children’s character and motivation.

  • Couple and relationship reconciliation. Helps resolve conflicts and provides better understanding in the relationship.

  • Gives guidance toward choosing the right career path.

  • Helps personnel offices within companies choose the right candidate.

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Leena Toivonen/Graphlogy

Plaza Costa del Sol 10
Centro Comercial Entreplazas
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29620 Torremolinos


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